Where’s the Kale? SmoothieBy Selina RoseA nutrient-packed berry smoothie that’s sweet, creamy and hides the taste and texture of kale! The perfect healthy breakfast, post-workout meal or afternoon snack.
Power Berry SmoothieBy Selina RoseStarting your day with a mix of protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates will give you energy and help you maintain it throughout the day.
Whole Body Greens SmoothieBy Selina RoseA great way to get your greens is through a smoothie. You’ll get a boost of antioxidants and all of the alkalizing properties of greens in a convenient, portable drink. Yum!
Green Grapefruit SmoothieBy Selina RoseThis smoothie hides extra greens with a surprise grapefruit twist. It’s sweet-tart flavour is sure to please your palate
Green Goodness SmoothieBy Selina RoseA great way to get your greens in the morning is through a smoothie. Use a high powered blender for best results.
Avo-Banana Green SmoothieBy Selina RoseThis is your creamiest green smoothie with staying power enough for a busy morning or a long afternoon. Enjoy!