How to Be Consistent with Your Health Habits

For the longest time, I felt extremely frustrated with myself and actually a bit ashamed that I couldn’t seem to keep up any sort of consistency with basic things like prepping healthy meals, getting to bed on time and exercising regularly.

I would set a start date and decide to focus but something would come up like a social event, or a project, and I’d put my commitment to myself on the back burner because whatever it was felt more important. Does this sound familiar?

If you’re looking to build consistency with your health habits but so far all you’ve been doing is setting goals and then having a bunch of stops and starts, I’m going to show you how you can get past that so you can see results from your efforts and actually have more energy to do the things you love.

Here’s something to think about…what if, instead of starting by setting big action goals for yourself, you started out by taking a step back to set an intention, plan and get control of your nervous system which is what allows you to be calm and focused?

It starts with your morning routine.

You might be thinking – Selina I want to go to yoga after work, what does this have to do with my morning?

Here’s why this works… when you have a morning routine that allows you to get organized and set intentions for your day you’ve taken time that day to prioritize and presence yourself to your goal.

Your morning routine allows you to:

  • Build time into your morning routine to get prepared with things you’ll need to act toward your goal (e.g.: bringing your workout clothes with you to work).
  • Foresee any obstacles to you taking your desired action and plan ahead or ask for support if necessary.
  • Set an intention for the actions you want to take for the day and your desired outcomes
  • Connect with why taking those actions are important so you can be focused and motivated by what drives you in the moment.

Taking action toward your goal actually begins way before it’s time to do the specific thing. When you start your day with a morning routine that gets you centered and focused you can be prepared to take the actions you want to take for the day.

This made a huge difference for me and my clients have put this into action and reaped the benefits as well. Consistency increases when you’re prepared and ready for the day.