A holistic nutritionist, writer, non-granola yogi, and coach dedicated to helping you find sustainability in your health so you can play full-out in life (whatever that looks like for you).

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to make an impact—to be of value to the world. My insatiable quest for fulfillment, curiosity about human potential and what makes a good life, fueled my desire for achievement.

Yet no matter how high I could reach, my health kept pulling me back down.

We teach what we most need to learn
(and I’m no exception)

A born type-A perfection-seeker, I love to keep my standards (and heels) high.

I want it all (and then some):

  • A beautiful home
  • Travel
  • To look and feel great in my body
  • To be an engaged partner, an authentic leader, and a reliable sister, daughter and friend
  • To excel in my career and exceed my client’s expectations
  • To inspire others to reach beyond their limitations
  • To make a lasting impact on the world through my teaching and compassion, but mostly, with my presence.

…and to do it all with a sense of fulfillment that comes with living life from the heart. Oh yes, and on my own terms.

I’ve also come face to face with the downside of ambitious achievement…


If you’re reading this, I have a feeling you know what I’m talking about. The same inner restlessness that drives your ambition for work, personal development and advancement can lead you to set high expectations for yourself. You take on too much and put your work or other people before yourself. Then, once you’re in the thick of it, you realize that you can’t possibly live up to these expectations, which leaves you feeling like you’re never enough.

In life, you play to win, but when your sleep, exercise, meals and downtime continuously end up on the back burner, no matter how far ahead you get, it can feel like you’re losing.

How can you maintain the drive that pushes you forward, without sacrificing your inner calm, or your wellbeing?

Ambition vs health. Does it have to be one or the other?

No, it doesn’t. Let me share my story with you…

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I spent years caught in self-destructive behaviour (not eating, not sleeping enough, drinking too much) because I thought these things would lead me to the success I envisioned.

Working at a fast-paced ad agency in downtown Toronto was my dream job, and I landed it!

I did it all—early mornings, late nights at the office, the 3-hour commute, working on the train, socializing on weekends. I lived life chained to my iPhone, responding to its ding’s like they were real-life emergencies.

For a young person starting out, I had it all—or at least I seemed to.

Let’s start at the beginning…

I grew up in a Big Italian Family where food was the focus of, well, everything. As I grew up and became more body conscious, I rejected the Italian traditions (double helpings of pasta), and began the search for healthier options. Confused by conflicting information and heavily influenced by the diet culture and media, I felt into all the common diet traps: low fat, no carbs, counting calories, and began restricting my eating.



I thought I had to be thin, beautiful, high-energy, and always “on.” I tried to prove my worth through my work and my waistline. I associated being thin with success, so controlled my eating as a way to control the outcome in my life. (Side note: now that I’m educated about food and the body, I realize I was going about this completely the wrong way).

I used work to silence my hunger and stomach pain. I did my best to ignore the neck and shoulder pain that became a constant in my life. The more I focused on my work, the less I felt any attempt my body made to tell me something was wrong.

How could I possibly be unhappy in the big-city job, in a competitive industry, that any of my peers would have fought for? A job that I was good at.

This was supposed to be “it.”

Yet my body was telling me it wasn’t.

The truth was, I hated my job. I dreaded my long commute to the city. I felt isolated from my family and had stopped socializing with my friends. Immersed in the tall city buildings and bustling streets, I felt disconnected from nature, and from myself. I was lonely, malnourished, and exhausted.

Finally, I had to face the sad truth that if I kept going this way I’d be burnt out, alone, and look like I was 50 by age 30 (ugh, no thanks).


I know self-destructive behaviour well. I know that it doesn’t start out as self-sabotage. It can come from a place of wanting to help other people, or create change in the world (or in your family).

It’s not even about the external rewards. But no matter how much you help others, or win their approval, it will never fill the void you have inside of you if you don’t believe you’re enough.

It took me reaching a mental and physical breaking point.

Contemplating suicide. And weighing an all-time low of 104 lbs. To realize that everything I was doing to be “enough” and have control in my life, was actually making me less capable, and less valuable to the people around me.

Ironically, when it came down to it, I realized that in order to be able to show up in my work and participate in relationships the way I wanted to, I’d have to put myself first.

Talk about a mind shift.

What I know to be true: Without your health, you can’t be there for the people in your family, your workplace, or your community the way you want to. When you put off your needs, you hurt the people you care about the most.

Which feels backwards, because you’re likely shouldering the responsibility and the roles you do to provide for other people. Yet, if you’re doing it all at the expense of yourself, nobody wins.


I needed to slow down, prioritize my wellbeing, and learn to love my body. In the fast-paced city life I was conditioned to want more, bigger, better, to the point where nothing measured up. Not even myself.

This was hard to take. As much as I wanted to be great at my career and show up fully in my relationships, the biggest disappointment was that I was far from the best version of myself.

Enter Yoga.

I went to my first yoga class because I heard it would help with digestion. I desperately needed to de-stress (though I didn’t know it at the time).

Yoga grounded me. Deep breathing helped me pay attention to my body and reconnect with how I was feeling. It was awkward at first, but I kept going. There was something about the mindful practice I couldn’t tear myself away from.

Yoga (the practice and philosophy) taught me an entirely new way of being. I was finally able to connect to and be IN my body. Yoga gave me my relationship with myself.


Yet, once I paid attention to my body I realised how much pain I was in.

At the time, I’d never heard of a gluten allergy. It took me three painful years of medical tests, bouncing from doctor to doctor with inconclusive results, to discover my gluten intolerance. All the while I felt uncomfortable in my skin and at odds with my body.

I realized that in order for me to heal, a lot needed to change, including leaving the job I’d worked hard to get.

I left the big city with the same ambition I’d arrived with. Only, I was different. This time I was focused on educating myself about food, nutrition, allergies, holistic living, and determined to learn how to fit self-care into a busy lifestyle. There were so many eye-opening moments along the way. Those very revelations are what I share in my courses, trainings and workshops today.

After years of struggling with my health,

one thing remains true

If you’re determined to live an ambitious life on your own terms, you need your body to be on board.

I knew there had to be a way to prioritize my health and align my holistic lifestyle with my work ethic, dreams and goals.

This led me to create a roadmap to a new kind of success. One that’s authentic, and recognizes your power as co-creator of your experience, and your interconnectedness and responsibility to humanity. I think of it as being your best self to be of service to others. When you feel good, you can do more good in the world (and let’s face it, looking good doesn’t hurt either). That’s what I’m inspired to share with you.

I’ve been able to take my passion for business, desire to succeed, and my innate Italian love of food and put them together to create a business and life that works for me. I feel well in my body and proud to make a difference in the world by sharing this roadmap with you.

I work with leaders. Whether you lead a team, your family or a corporation (maybe all 3) I am passionate about helping you prioritize your health so you can have the impact, and quality of life you desire.

Through my digital training program, beautifully designed cookbook, workshops, and personal coaching I help people like you take meaningful action to create positive results for your health.

I believe you must bring your whole self to the table if you want to thrive in today’s world.

That’s what I’m determined to help you do.

If you’re managing a household, a team, or your own busy life, you know how necessary it is to be on top of your game. The one thing you can’t go without is your health.

Health and well-being are the common denominators among all people, no matter what gender, age, or what you do. Your health (physical and mental) will hinder or enhance the progress you can make, more than any other factor.

I show ambitious achievers, like you, how to live at the top of your game with strategies designed for your health and busy lifestyle.

You deserve to give your best performance at work and at home, every single day.

When you’re healthy you have more of yourself to dedicate to what you’re here to do. You stand tall, you have the confidence to lead, make tough decisions, and be your real, authentic self. Nothing feels better than knowing you’re showing up fully and doing your best.

Let me teach you how to manage everyday things (like making healthy choices for your body and mind) with ease so you can give your all in what you do best.

Your next step

will benefit you the rest of your life

When you’re healthy you have more of yourself to dedicate to what you’re here to do. You stand tall, you have the confidence to lead, make tough decisions, and be yourself. Nothing feels better than knowing you’re doing your best.



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Selina’s philosophy for food and life is holistic. She makes a healthy holistic lifestyle approachable for the busy professionals she works with. Recognizing that stress never really goes away, her teaching combines mindfulness, yoga and holistic nutrition together to build stress resilience.

An author, Holistic Nutritionist, yoga teacher, and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Selina brings many disciplines to her work. She is interviewed regularly on CTV, and always enjoys a good conversation via podcast or radio.

Selina’s online programs and courses have helped thousands of people transform their health by managing stress, teaching them to adopt a new mindset toward their bodies, food and dieting.

Her dedication is to inspire ambitious professionals around the globe to adopt a holistic view of their health so they can prioritize their wellness while playing full-out in their lives. Outside of her work, you’ll find Selina exploring in nature, creating new recipes in the kitchen, or planning her next travel adventure.