How to Relax Video Series

There’s actually a difference between “taking time away from work” and relaxing. When you truly relax, your body enters a state of inner calm. Your stress hormones lower, and your happy hormones increase. Your body and mind are at peace.

Sounds lovely doesn’t it? This state is controlled, in part, by your breath which means you have a say over how relaxed your body and mind feel. It might sound simple, yet what I share with you here is the key to lowering your cortisol levels, Increasing your focus, improving your stamina, and even weight loss!

Before you dive into the training below, take a minute to share this with a friend who deserves to feel inner calm as well.

Video Breakdown

Importance of Breath (Video)
Are You Breathing Properly? (Video)
Anchor Deep Breath Throughout Your Day (Video)
Practice Proper Breath (Video)